Quality Assurance

We only invite the best talents to be part of the Upcall community and provide continuous skill development to drive higher conversions. Read on to discover how our Quality Assurance process helps us ensure Upcallers are always getting better and driving results back to you.

1 Recruitment

2 Development

  • Multiple levels of training and certification are required before making calls for clients
  • New Upcallers get time to practice and are reviewed before being officially approved to call on “live” campaigns
  • Ongoing development customized to each Upcaller based on individual QA scores and campaign’s needs
  • Realtime performance dashboard for each Upcaller to provide key data and results
  • Customize your company’s profile page and FAQ section on each campaign to provide main features, common topics and key selling points.

3 Quality Assurance

  • Fully Managed QA Team reviews calls
  • Upcall Accuracy Score
    tracks tens of different data signals on each campaign
  • Artificial Intelligence Assistance
    helps with call transcription and keyword analysis
  • Upcallers use our state of the art
    dialer, script interface, and forms to conduct their calls for your campaigns.
  • Upcall tracks various metrics
    such as:
    • Call Etiquette
    • Success Rate
    • Data Accuracy
    • Call Duration
    • List Quality
    • Handling Objections

Upcall QA Process

4 Review

  • Thumbs up/thumbs down rating system.
  • Cite specific attributes you liked about a call.
  • Provide open-ended feedback on a specific call.
  • Tip to show an Upcaller they went above and beyond.


  • Upcallers use our platform to make their calls. This means every keystroke, keyword and key result is tracked.
    You can login to the dashboard and see call details and other vital statistics whenever you want.
  • Data from your calls automatically provide list cleansing for bad numbers, person left and other list hygiene issues,
    as well as standardized disposition management for reporting and analyzing conversation results.

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