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// Call this lead & and qualify them

-X POST https://api.upcall.com/api/v2/campaigns/1/contacts -d
'{contact: {
first_name: "Ryan",
title: "Home Seller",
number: "415-212-6297",
custom_fields: [{
property_address: "Huntington Beach",
source: "Zillow"

// Get answers via email, CRM or API within a few hours
answers: [{
question: "Are you looking to sell?",
answer_type: "multiple_choice",
result: "No",
question: "Is it a Primary Residence or Investment Property?",
answer_type: "short_answer",
result: "Primary",
question: "Are you contracted with a realtor?",
answer_type: "multiple_choice",
result: "No",

// Click on « ▶ run » to test out this code.

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How our customers are using the Upcall API

Lead Qualification Campaign

New leads who expressed interest in the business (through website forms, online ads, content, webinar…) were immediately called and qualified by Upcall.

Candidate Screening Campaign

Job candidates were asked about their work experience and checked for references.

Cart Abandonment Campaign

Leads who entered the funnel and stopped in the middle of the subscription process were automatically pushed to Upcall and called the next day.

Re-engagement Campaign

Clients who canceled their service were automatically called back through an Upcall campaign.

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