How does Upcall work?

Upcall is a conversation-driven marketing and sales platform that uses real people to gather insights over the phone. It’s scalable, efficient, and seamlessly integrated within your existing workflow.

Build Campaigns

professional call scripts in minutes

Choose from a multitude of question types

When you want results, nothing works better than simply asking over the phone.
From open-ended responses to specific data points,
you can gather exactly what you’re looking for.

Build Advanced logic trees

Tailor each step of engagement according to your lead’s previous response.

Lead Scoring

No more wasted time - rank prospective customers based on their responses and decide when to take action and who to follow-up with.

Customize every step of your script from beginning to end.


The right people, the right time
the right message

Use local presence or link your own number

Increase pickup rate by assigning a local caller ID for any area code - or use your own phone number to display when calling.

Create custom call sequence & never miss your mark

Say goodbye to missed follow-ups. Our platform never calls in sick, never gets distracted, and always calls back when needed.

Customize your voicemail for every single call

Customize one of our professionally written templates, record a voicemail drop with your own voice - even use a different one for each missed call.

Hand-pick the perfect call times

You wouldn’t call a restaurant at lunchtime - and with the timing in your hands, you won’t. Select the right times for your own purposes, including weekends.

Control every detail that matters to you - and your leads.


Collect and analyze data to discover insights that you can trust

Call recording

With the option to record any and every call, you can get specific when it comes to analyzing keywords and trends that work best. Call transcription and keyword analysis coming soon, too!

Interpret Results

Enjoy a powerful toolset of information at your fingertips.
Observe call dispositions, study the call notes, and let us help you keep track of what customer to follow-up with, and how.

Contact Activity

See what’s going right with your call drip sequences, and how to keep it up.
Observe every detail about answered calls, latest conversations, and more.

Collect the data you need to boost your revenues.


Sync and streamline your workflow with ease

Data Source

Upcall works with your favorite apps, CRM, and API for a seamless transition.
Trigger event-based calls based on data fields in your system.

Contact Lists

Automatically organize and filter your campaigns based on any criteria - from lawyers to age group to vegetarians living in New York.
Get as specific as you need!

UpCall Platform

Sit back and let our Upcallers work their magic. We engage your leads within minutes to ensure you have all the results you need for success.


With a veritable goldmine of data, you can share insights with your team,
and reference anything with the click of a button.

Connect, sync and export data you need for stress-free integration!


We cover every key compliance requirement so you don’t have to

Upcall is respectful and completely TCPA compliant for worry-free dialing.

TCPA Compliant

  • No pre-recorded messages, no autodialing, and no robocalling
  • Click-to-call technology (yes, you can call landlines and cellphones)
  • Scrub your contacts against State and Federal Do-Not-Call lists
  • Removal of professional litigants and serial plaintiffs from your lists

Quality & Security Management

  • Your phone numbers are always hidden from Upcallers
  • Enable or disable call recording for each campaign
  • SSL secured connection
  • Payment only with effective completion of job

Respect for Authorized Call Times

  • Automatic detection of contact’s timezone
  • Excludes local holidays
  • Complies with curfews
  • Only generate calls on the days and times you select

Ready to see Upcall in action?