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Announcing Our Segment Integration

It’s live! Today, we are announcing our integration with Segment, the best way to collect, centralize, and deliver your customer data.

Segment is a single platform that collects, stores, and routes your user data from hundreds of tools and sends them to Upcall, at the flick of a switch.

They take care of the messy analytics installation process for you, so you can spend more time using your data and less time tracking it down.

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of Segment customers, we don’t need to sell you on how great they are. But now, we get to tell you how easy they’ve made it to get up and running with Upcall.

Every interaction made on your website is recorded on Segment. For example, if someone drops off from your funnel, Segment knows.

If someone views a specific page, Segment is automatically updated as well.

When an order is completed, this information is transferred over to Segment.

Welcoming new potential (and speed)

Our team of developers has just released the integration for Segment. As of today, you can integrate your website with your Upcall account and unlock a wealth of extra features like call automation, advanced segmentation, and personalization.

Here is what you can do once you get the Segment to Upcall integration is installed:

Automation: Track and action on abandoned funnels, engage customers after purchase is completed, remind them when invoice is late. Map any customer journey to a Upcall automation!

Advanced Segmentation: Find the customers who have purchased any or specific products or those who have been on your site more than X times. Want more? Combine segmentation with a time interval to find those who have performed specific actions on your site in the last 10 days, and so much more. Sky is the limit.

Personalization: Include custom data inside the phone calls: generate custom fields on calls, from information about customer or company account to data about payment, your phone calls will never sound generic again!

Why Should You Care?

Great question!

Short answer: If you’re an internet business and care about keeping and growing your customers, you should care about using Upcall.

We give you a better way to engage with your prospects and customers over the phone: when the haven’t logged into your application for months, or signing up on your site and not converting.

Here are a few exemples of what can be done with the new Segment integration on Upcall:

Qualify leads who just signed up. Talk to prospects at exactly the right time and find out everything you need to know to see if they are a right fit for your business. Engage old leads who never converted. Generate targeted phone calls so you can tell prospects about new features, help them be more successful, and drive product adoption. Get Feedback With Net Promoter Score. Take the guesswork out of customer happiness. Start getting feedback with NPS that will help your business grow and take action instantly. What Does This Mean For Your Business? This gives your business a better way to communicate with prospects and customers in one place. No more customer communications trapped in email. By generating relevant phone calls, you’ll see better conversion rates, higher satisfaction, and reduced churn.

No Coding Required What happens with SMEs which cannot afford a team of developers?

They use Segment.

Segment bridges the gap between a business and the different types of software, without developing requirements.

It’s plug-and-play.

To save time in the processes and leverage the use of customer data, website owners should integrate their websites and apps with the software programs they use.

This requires developer work and can take a few days or a few week’s time, depending on the size of the team, the size of the project, and the requirements. Not with Segment.

Effortless and seamless integration is now a matter of minutes.

Simply sign in to Segment, find Upcall integration and sync your website.

Through Segment, you will be able to use all the customer data available on your website logs.

And thanks to the Upcall + Segment integration, all customer data will flow in real time over to your Upcall campaigns.

Get started right away or find out more information here!

Posted on February 16 at 4:00 PM

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