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Upcall’s New Features — All Designed to Help You Communicate and Interact Even Better with Your Upcallers. ?

  1. Company pages are live Now Upcallers can get all the information they need in one nifty centralized spot.

Fill out all the information you want to provide to your Upcallers directly on your company page. From there you can upload:

Specific files and other content Links to specific websites or media you want to share An FAQ for your Upcallers

  1. Kickoff meeting One of our biggest releases yet, with requests from both Campaigners and Upcallers left and right. We heard you loud and clear!

So how does it work? In the pre-launch phase, while preparing the campaign, you can hold a kickoff meeting. It’s as easy as sending a link. Upcallers will apply to your campaign. Simply approve them and they can join the kickoff meeting. This kick off meeting is the perfect occasion to meet your Upcallers, explain your goals, and present your company campaign. Use this as a platform to re-assert your vision and give some advice on your upcoming campaign.

TIPS: The kickoff meeting is a great tool to set your campaign up for success. Keep in mind that Upcallers who invest the time are more successful and more committed to campaigns. To make your campaign that much more attractive to potential Upcallers, and ensure a great attendance rate, you have the option offer a tip to all Upcaller applicants who want to join your campaign and kick off meeting! 3. Organize a conference call You can now organize a conference call with your online Upcallers.

Once your campaign is live, you can reach out to your Upcallers through our Conference Call feature. We recommend keeping your exchanges within the platform to more easily keep track of your correspondences, as well as for quality assurance and security purposes.

When should you check-in with your Upcallers? We will send you notifications when our Upcallers make their first, 20th, and 50th call so you know when to check in and hear how they are communicating with your leads. Our Upcallers love feedback! Pay them a compliment or offer constructive feedback and they’ll continue to improve and tailor their calls accordingly. If you want to reference a specific call where they were outstanding, leave feedback in that call record. Use our chat feature — you can address Upcallers in a group, or chat to them 1:1. Feedback works both ways too! If you want to hear your Upcaller’s experience with your leads first hand, organize a check-in conference call and you can discuss methods and objection handling tips. Some best practices when conferencing with Upcallers: Schedule a meeting in the chat with your Upcallers. It’s always best to offer about 3 different possible times to check in. Check which Upcallers are logged in. A call conference can only be launched by campaigners. You have all the control! Keep in mind that even if your Upcallers are logged in, they might be in a call. Always check their availability, and give them a few minutes delay so they can catch up.

  1. Notifications Check out notifications and alerts on your Dashboard!

Now you can check your bell when: A new goal has been reached New Upcallers have applied And much more …..

  1. Email and chat alerts! We added new email notifications each time your Campaign and Upcallers reach a new key goal. Woohoo!

How’s it work? When you’re on your dashboard, keep an eye on your “chat” button. Each time you receive a new message from an Upcaller, you’ll get a notification alert (see that little red button?) Upcallers will receive the same alerts on their dashboard when you contact them through the platform. (Remember that they may not be able to reply in real time. Your Upcallers are working hard and could be on a call.)

The Upcall team is always happy to be improving your experience in every possible way. Check out these new features and see what they can do for you!

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Posted on July 27 at 5:00 PM

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