Upcall Assurance Program

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    TCPA compliant

    Upcall doesn't use robocalls or prerecorded messages (TCPA). We comply with recording call practices and use click-to-dial technology (yes you can call cellphones).

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    Do-Not-Call Real time Protection

    Scrub your lists against State and Federal Do-Not-Call databases as well as well known litigators. Upcall has partnered with the leading compliance providers.

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    Respect of authorized calling time

    Automatic detection of the contact timezone. We exclude local holidays and curfews automatically.

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    Non-disclosure Agreement

    Each Upcaller signs an NDA with Upcall and agrees not to share private information.

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    Quality & security management

    Ability to rate and review each individual call. Obtain a call outcome for each call made (busy, voicemail, no answer, not interested, etc...).

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    Customized options

    Edit permissions (based on existing relationship or do-not-call list). Add custom fields and information for the Upcallers.

We’ve designed Upcall with compliance and security in mind. Communications, phone conversations and documents are kept safe at all times.

Michael CTO, Upcall

Your data is secure

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SSL securized connection

Phone numbers are always hidden

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Sign NDA with Upcallers

Protect your sensitive information

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Payment only when job is done

Upcallers get paid only for effective calls