Transparent & All-inclusive pricing. No matter the size or frequency of your call campaigns may be, we have created a simple price structure to suit your needs.




+ $39 per 100 minutes called

All you need to run call campaigns like a pro in just a few steps.
  • US communication costs
  • Vetted US-based callers
  • Advanced campaign builder
  • Amazing collaboration tools
  • Unlimited voice recording & storage
  • 24/7 realtime analytics
  • Integrate with +300 apps & CRMs



For more complex campaigns

Expert services & support to launch and manage your “Rocket Fueled” campaign.
  • Advantageous volume pricing
  • One-to-one onboarding & set-up
  • Script review
  • 1hr callers training program
  • Custom callerID
  • Priority support



The best of the best

A customized service to build successful call campaigns at scale and shoot for the moon!
  • Custom onboarding
  • Script editing services
  • Customized training program for callers
  • Adaptive / local callerID
  • API Integration
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Quality assurance & SLA
  • Transcript
  • Email automation workflow


  • Qualified lead lists (by industry, geography or custom criteria)
  • Translation services and free advice to reach new countries
  • Custom integration with your database, software or API
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U.S. & Canada calls

- Included communication costs
- Integrated click-to-dial technology

Unlimited access to vetted US-based callers

- Top tier U.S.-based callers
- Industry specialists
- Callers compensation included

24/7 collaboration tools to interact, train & manage your callers

- Group messaging
- Integrated Conference Calls
- One-to-one chat

Campaign editor platform

- Built-in script templates
- Customized campaign settings (commission/time/velocity)

24/7 Real time analytics

- Centralised Dashboard
- Call perfomance data
- Campaign ROI

Unlimited Recording & Storage

- Voice recording of each answered call

Do-Not-Call (DNC) List Scrubbing

- Scrubbing against State & Federal lists
- Scrubbing against well-known litigators lists
- Ability to disable call recording

Automated timezone detection

Easy file import

- Upload your Excel or CSV files

Integrate with your CRM and 300 other apps

- Easily add contacts through our Zapier integration

Support time

via email or chat

1 business day same day VIP
Use your own number (callerID)

- Display your company number when calling prospects

API integration


- 1 hour call conference with the Upcallers

Manual onboarding & setup

Script review by experts

Custom calling times

Local number (CallerID)

- Rent a callerID in the same area as your target (+20% response rates)

0 Up to 3 Custom
Local presence / adaptive callerID

- Automatically match local callerID with your target area

Custom script service

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Integrated Database prospects & leads (coming soon)

- 22 Million US B2B leads
- 225 Million US Consumers/ Homeowners

Live call transfer (coming soon)

- We transfer hot leads directly to your team

Native Salesforce integration (coming soon)


NO. Upcall does not have any set-up fees. Our competitive pricing is all-inclusive. We scale with you and are the most flexible solution in the market.

We believe that you should only pay for effective calls made and that outbound call campaigns are led by ROI (Return on Investment). No matter the length/duration of the campaigns, you always pay when Upcallers are actively calling on your campaign, making it much more cost-effective than traditional call centers or internal calling departments, where you need to pay per hour, regardless or calls made.

Each call campaign needs a specific goal to be achieved: set an appointment, collect or confirm data or get specific answers to your questions in order to qualify your leads. To maximize conversion rate for your call campaigns, Upcall has developed a commission model that allows you to incentivize Upcallers working on your campaign. Depending on your industry and target market, your commission may differ. Upcall can help you with setting up the right level of commission to ensure the best campaign results.

To ensure outbound call campaign quality standards, Upcall suggests to have a minimum of 150 contacts called per campaign. Want to start a test campaign? On average, campaigns with 1000 contacts or more give the most accurate assessment of results and highest ROI.

If you have high volume campaigns (usually over 1000 contacts per week), please contact us and we will be happy to find a solution that fits your budget.

YES. Upcall encourages tipping. You can give a rating (from 1 to 5 stars) and a tip to each Upcaller. Tipping is a great way to engage your Upcallers and develop a long-lasting collaboration.