4 Tips for an Outbound Call Campaign that Converts

If you’re trying to expand your outreach to targets in healthcare, independent professionals, SMB, or even restaurants, Upcall gives your business all the tools you need for an outbound calling campaign that really takes off. 🚀 But that doesn’t mean everything is smooth sailing. If you’re not sure where to start, try these 4 nifty tips below to energize your call campaign!

Outbound Call Campaign Upcall Tips & Tricks

1. Start with the right contact list

All right, so that’s an easy one. But sometimes the most basic stuff is the easiest to overlook!

Did you know that the industry average for cold call conversions is 2%? The Upcall average is above 9% for lead generation and appointment setting. How could that be, you ask?

Every performing campaign starts with a qualified and curated contact list, and data may vary significantly from one industry to another. That’s why at Upcall we always start with a consultation to review and understand your specific use case, and make sure you start your campaign with the right contacts list! And of course, if you need contacts, we do have an integrated database of +250M US business and consumers!

Here are a few of our top database picks for outbound cold calling:

Yellow Pages: YP is great for targeting independent professionals, and it’s free!

DatabaseUSA: DatabaseUSA is excellent for SMB and offers triple verified data for accurate and up-to-date contacts.

RainKing: RainKing can provide your business with actionable sales intelligence, especially the key people who influence and drive purchase decisions.

ZoomInfo: ZoomInfo is a growth acceleration platform with millions of businesses and contact information to empower sales, marketing, and recruiting teams.

Dun & Bradstreet: Dun & Bradstreet, or D&B, offers commercial data to businesses on credit history, B2B sales and marketing, supply chain management, lead scoring and social identity matching, just to name a few.

DiscoverOrg: DiscoverOrg provides org charts, overviews of tools being used, purchasing power, and more. Best for enterprises.

InsideView: Another good one for enterprises, InsideView gleans insights and relationships from more than 40,000 sources of business information, contact data, online news, and social media and customer CRM data.

Clearbit: Clearbit serves as the data backbone for a number of tech businesses (such as Zendesk and AdRoll) and is focused on scouring the web and other data sources for publicly available information on people and businesses.

2. Make your first seconds memorable using a custom field

Upcallers only have a few seconds to hook your target and catch their attention! It’s crucial to give an outstanding intro to your business. By using custom fields you can write a kickass script and make any call one to remember. 👍

call campaign tips

Check out this link at Inc. for some great tips on creating a custom cold call script.

3. Use a Local Caller ID to see more prospects picking up calls

A Caller ID automatically matches your customer’s local area. No matter where your US callers are based, you can make it feel like they’re right at home.

Picture This:

Your office is in Los Angeles, but most of the prospects in your contact list are based all over the US. Typical.

Problem solved: with Local Presence caller ID, the number your prospects see on their screen matches the area code linked to their phone number. Awesome!

So even if your contact is from Farmington, IL, they see this:

Upcall Local Presence Caller ID

Local Presence Caller ID is for you if:

  • You have an audience living in various areas across the country
  • You have a unique script campaign regardless of your target’s localization
  • You want to give a local feel when you reach out to your contact
  • You care about your ROI and want to increase the pick-up rate

Running a successful business can be tough! Luckily, we at Upcall believe in the crowdsourcing economy, and that communicating with each other remains the most viable and efficient way to generate leads in this digital world.

Regardless of your industry, there are a ton of great ways to use all of Upcall’s resources to your advantage!

4. Accelerate your campaign and incentivize your Upcallers by offering commissions based on their success with customers.

Outbound Calling Campaign

No matter what the specific goals are for your campaign — get an email opt-in, collect a specific answer, enrich contacts details, or set appointments — you can make it a commission-based question with Upcall. You invest in what matters to you.

How do you choose the right commission rate for your campaign and industry?

  • Consider who you’re calling. Is it the business owner, a C-level executive, or a potential customer? Do people usually pick up the phone on the first try? Are there gate-keepers to persuade? The harder it is to reach someone, the higher the reward should be for a successful call.
  • Think about the industry you’re working in. Is it typical to get a sale 50% of the time, or do you have to reach out to several people before you get a potential bite? Compensating the Upcaller with a higher commission when they are calling in a tricky industry will encourage them to stick with your campaign longer.

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10 Reasons Why Outbound Calls Remain The Most Effective Way To Reach Out To New Leads

Every year, people say that outbound calling is obsolete, and every year the experts are proved wrong. In reality, calling sales prospects remains a vital part of the marketing toolkit. Here are some of the main reasons why.

1. The Human Touch Will Always Be Important

In an age of email marketing, sales automation and sales funnels, hearing a human voice can still be the most powerful way to connect with potential customers. Emails can be easily discarded and Facebook ads struggle to gain attention, but people are instinctively engaged by the human voice.

2. High Quality Scripts Can Really Engage Customers

With the right script, any call team can be trained to deliver compelling sales pitches with the right content and tone of voice until they find the ideal approach.

3. Hiring remote Callers Can Save Money and Time

If you choose to go down the Upcall route, you can engage more leads and existing customers and scale faster. Also, by supplementing it with your existing marketing efforts, it will support those calls and increase conversion rate. These calls create plenty of conversions at a low cost and relatively little effort on your end.

4. Outbound Calling Develops Selling Skills

Team members delivering outbound calls can hone their communication skills, helping them to deliver person to person pitches and presentations when required.

5. You Can Link Outbound Calls to CRM Systems

Modern outbound calling systems like those provided by Upcall don’t just allow you to schedule and make calls. They can also link up with your client database, providing invaluable data for your management staff to analyze.

6. Targeted Call Outsourcing Delivers Results

When you filter your client database by industry, age, previous sales and other metrics, you can build up detailed profiles of any contact before your sales team makes a call. When you know your customers, you can craft highly targeted pitches that really work.

7. Email Marketing Is Hit and Miss

Email marketing methods often have low click through and conversion rates, and can often be a waste of resources. With outbound calling, you can achieve much more impressive results.

8. Employee Performance Is Easier to Monitor Than Ever

In the past, call centers suffered from variable employee performance. Some operators would be brilliant, mastering any script, asking the right questions and persuading contacts to make a purchase. Others would waffle or irritate customers, and it wasn’t easy to track who was doing what. With modern calling platforms such as Upcall, companies can easily see which callers are delivering and who needs a little extra training.

9. Team Work Creates Healthy Competition

Well managed remote teams, high morale levels and staff who want to provide the best possible service can be incredibly productive. Callers tend to compete with each other, but not in a damaging way. It’s just in the DNA of how call operations work.

10. Outbound Calling is Responsive

Finally, call outsourcing is much more personal than any online forms of marketing automation. Instructions can be easily changed to add warmth and information, while callers can ask and answer queries from customers — something you don’t get from other forms of marketing.

If you are struggling to connect with potential prospects, give outbound calling a try! It can be a low-cost, effective alternative to online marketing options, and it might well be ideal for your business.