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Set up an event-based workflow

  • Import contacts from your application.

  • Create event-based triggers for each Upcall campaign.

  • Specify custom fields to guide the caller during the conversation.

						curl -X POST "{id}/contacts" \
						-H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN" \
						-H 'Content-Type: text/json; \
						-d @- << EOF
              "contact": {
                "first_name": "John",
                "last_name": "Smith",
                "title": "VP Marketing",
                "company": "Acme Corp",
                "email": "",
                "number": "415 555-5555",
                "extension": "313",
                "website": "",
                "address": {
                  "line1": "Acme Corp",
                  "line2": "123 Fake St",
                  "city": "San Francisco",
                  "region": "CA",
                  "postal_code": "94105",
                  "country": "United States"
                "custom_fields": [
                    "key": "Source",
                    "value": "Referral"

Export call outcomes

Get insights from your customers and export the data back to your application:

  • Enrich contact details & information

  • Get specific answers (email addresses, preferences, etc.)

  • Listen to the conversation

						curl -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN"{id}/contacts?company=Safeway :

					    "contacts": {
					      "status": "completed",
								"first_name": "Joey",
					      "etc": "...",
					      "calls": [
					        "status": "completed",
					        "note": "Great conversation!",
					        "duration": 67,
					        "cost": "0.58",
					        "cost_currency": "USD",
					        "datetime_called": "2016-07-21T11:20:53.000Z",
					        "recording_urls": [
					        "caller": {
					          "name": "Maria Lopez",
					          "profile_url": ""
					      "questions": [
					        "response_type": "multiple_radio",
					        "question": "What is your favorite color?",
					        "fields": [
					        "comment": "Turquoise to be precise"

Add a human touch to your product or service

We call your new or existing users for you. SEE THE DOCUMENTATION

API for any stage of the sales cycle

What makes Upcall different?

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    Generate a single phone call or a million each month.

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    Callers will start on your campaign right away.

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    Gather data about your customers.

How customers have used the UPCALL API

Legal Nature created two call campaigns to reduce cart abandonment and re-engage former clients:

Cart Abandonment campaign
  • Leads who entered the funnel and stopped in the middle of the subscription process were automatically pushed to Upcall and called the next day.
  • All data collected by the callers was pushed back to Legal Nature‚Äôs lead database.

Re-engagement campaign
  • Clients who canceled their service were automatically called back through an Upcall campaign.
  • This allowed Legal Nature to collect valuable data about the cancellations.