The API for Human Call Tasks

Programmatically generate high quality and timely results for any task which requires a human phone call

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Our growing suite of call solutions

are built to solve hundreds of use cases

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Find, identify, get answers & insights from new contacts, to grow your business faster

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Communicate valuable information through relevant and personalized phone calls.

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Discover your most qualified sales opportunities by engaging your marketing leads.

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Find what out what people really think, measure and improve customer experience.

How Upcall works

1Build engaging call scripts in minutes

Use our proven call templates and easily customize every aspect of it, including questions types and custom fields to match your needs. Change and improve quickly based on real-time results.

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2We call at the right time, anytime

Personalize your customer's experience and trigger timely, relevant and personalized phone calls that are fully recorded and integrate seamlessly within your existing workflow and applications.

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3Better data,
where you need it

Getting instant results to your questions is just the beginning. Track performance, extract and share actionable insights with your team - it's all right there.

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Developers Heart Upcall

Upcall is built for engineers, our modern REST API offers infinite possibilities and seamlessly fit into whatever applications you are building.

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Accurate

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// Call this person & request their email address

-X POST -d
'{contact: {
title: "HR Recruiter",
company: "Rose",
number: "415-555-1213",

// Get answers using the REST API or Webhook within a few hours

answers: [{
question: "What is your email address?",
answer_type: "email",
result: "",
question: "What is the name of the recruiting manager?",
answer_type: "short_answer",
result: "John",

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Ask more, know more,
do more with Upcall

Most data are only accessible through phone calls. Capture real voices and insights and make sense of them at scale.

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Faster at scale

Achieve scalability for complex, labor-intensive, expensive processes. Just set it and forget it, whether you need to call 100 or 1 million people each month.

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Never drop the ball

Never forget another follow-up call. Calls are made at the right time and intervals based on business hours and geography. Upcall never calls in sick.

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Stop overpaying

Only pay for actual calls made, there are no additional costs, idle time or expensive overheads, Upcall typically costs 80% less than staffing in-house.

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Meet the Upcaller’s Network

Upcallers are the people behind the scenes helping your company scale. We match your needs with the skills and experience of the best US based professionals.

Conversations matter

Your customers want to hear from you, nothing beats a phone call

92% of all customer interactionshappen on the phone

7xResponding to leads within an hour generates up to 7 times the conversion rate

91% of marketing leadsare never qualified

2xLeads generated by companieswho stay in touch every two to four weeks

Turn phone calls into competitive advantage for your business