Boost conversion rates by engaging new online leads within minutes

Stop your leads from falling through the cracks, forever. Upcall's 100% U.S. based team creates real conversations by contacting every lead and following-up at the right time and with the right message.
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Coldwell Banker
Farmers Insurance
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Get a sales assistant that engages every lead and never calls in sick


After a lead expresses interest in your business (through website forms, online ads, content, webinar…) Upcall will follow-up for as long as needed.


The clock is ticking when a lead shows interest. Don’t keep them waiting! Upcall increases conversion by engaging every single lead right away.


Upcall provides the best templates to generate personalized conversations at scale and get all the answers you need to pre-qualify your leads and boost quality.


Save time and money by only focusing on your high-scoring leads who are ready to talk further, dramatically boosting the number of closed deals.

How Upcall works

1Connect your Lead Sources

Upcall continuously scans your inbox and CRM for new leads, and automatically funnels them into our system as they come in. We support 99% of marketing tools and CRMs out there.

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2We call at the right time, every time

Upcall calls your leads once they come in, 7 days a week, and engages in two ways conversations to turn cold leads into warm sales opportunities. Our Upcallers are all US-based and fully trained.

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3Get notified when
a lead is qualified

We send you detailed results and the next steps immediately after hanging up. We even set meetings straight into your calendar and sync results with over 1000 tools.

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Get started

Thanks to Upcall we can streamline our sales process and focus our internal sales reps on discovery and relationship building.


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Never miss an opportunity again, see results in minutes

When you boost lead conversion rates and sales productivity, everyone wins.

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Whether it takes a day or several weeks, we never take a break and calls are always made at the right time until the leads convert into a sales opportunity. We automatically detect the lead’s business hours and timezone.

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Infinitely Scalable

Just set it and forget it - Upcall’s sales assistant prioritize thousands of leads for you. Upcall takes care of recruitment, training and operations management so that your team can focus on closing more sales.

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We create more value and convert more business for you, as you you only pay for actual leads engaged. There are no hidden costs or expensive overheads. Better yet: Upcall typically costs 80% less than staffing in-house.

Fully integrated into your existing workflow

Keep it simple, Upcall is integrated with all your lead sources. Trigger calls whenever a new lead shows interest and let Upcall do the work for you. We will alert you in realtime when a lead is qualified (or not) and ready to talk, via our dashboard, Email, Slack or over 1,000 other integrations.

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Small & Medium Businesses Heart Upcall

We focus on quality so you don’t have to. Upcall has built world-class tools and quality assurance process, to deliver the highest accuracy and best results for each call.

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Accurate
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Meet the Upcaller Network

These are the magic makers. Upcallers work behind the scenes to help your company scale and provide the experience and skills to match your needs.

Conversations matter

When your customers want to hear from you, nothing beats interacting with a real person.

92% of all customer interactionshappen on the phone

100xMORE LIKELY TO CONTACT A LEADif called within the first 5 minutes

91% of marketing leadsare never qualified

90%MORE LIKELY TO CONVERT A LEADif you reach out minimum six times

Turn Upcall into a competitive advantage for your business